Depression to Celebration

On a brief relaxation of lockdown in Delhi, what do we find? A long, ill-organised queue of alcohol seekers. Mind you, these are not people from the middle or upper class but most of them come from lower-middle or labor class. What does it show about human nature? Why would they be spending their hard-earned… Continue Reading →

How To Remain Vigorous

There are three levels of health mainly: sick,  normal and super healthy. These three levels of health are directly connected with your relationship to REALITY.  There can be three kinds of relationships to REALITY.  Under Reality (sick) At par with Reality (normal) Above Reality (super healthy) In simple words, your relationship to Reality will define… Continue Reading →

Meaning of Bhagwad Gita in these troubled times

These days when we are forced to lock up at homes, we are watching ‘Mahabharat’ or ‘Ramayana.’ Mahabharat is the longest epic in the whole wide world, so I wonder, what is the central message of this great epic? The central character of Mahabharat is Lord Krishna and the central message of Lord Krishna is… Continue Reading →

Being Effective with Yourself

We are fully surrounded by the noise about how to be good to others that we forget the most fundamental question i.e. how to be effective with ourselves. What do I mean by ‘being effective with oneself?’ In simple words, it means asking the fundamental question to yourself that whether life is working for you?… Continue Reading →


The common complaint is- ‘Why do people not understand me?’ I say something but people understand something else and it is not about strangers, even very close people do not understand me. The closer you are to a person, there is more possibility to be misunderstood. Why so? What can be done about it? The… Continue Reading →


To be excellent one has to cultivate the habit and the process of gaining excellence is as important as the next result of excellence. Most successful people tell that their best time was not when they succeeded, but it was when they were in the process of succeeding. That is the reason why wise people… Continue Reading →


Nobody is going to give you high self-esteem and appropriate self-esteem. As long as you are dependent on others to give them either self-esteem or a robust self-image, they are looking at the wrong place. The right place starts with oneself. You start believing in yourself and asserting that you’re as good as anyone else… Continue Reading →

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