How To Remain Vigorous

There are three levels of health mainly: sick, 


and super healthy.

These three levels of health are directly connected with your relationship to REALITY. 

There can be three kinds of relationships


Under Reality (sick)

At par with Reality (normal)

Above Reality (super healthy)

In simple words, your relationship to Reality will define what kind of person are you namely sick, normal or super healthy. 

A sick person is so much troubled and overwhelmed by Reality that he/ she doesn’t/ cannot see the Reality. A normal person can see the Reality but he/ she is so much consumed by the Reality that he/ she cannot look beyond current Reality. By contrast, the relationship of a super healthy person with reality is so robust that he/ she can see the Reality and go much beyond to create new realities. So the secret of being super healthy is to develop the courage to see the Reality as it is. Once you can see the Reality as it is, you are liberated from illusions and you can create new Realities as per your visions and imagination. 

Famous scientist Einstein once said that the most important thing in education is Imagination. 

Imagination can be dreams or nightmares. If your relationship with Reality is robust, you will have dreams of creating new Realities. But if your relationship to Reality is fearful, you will have nightmares. 

If the relationship to dreams and nightmares is dependent upon our relationship to Reality, why can’t all people have a robust relationship with reality?

One of the reasons why we do not face reality is that sometimes our Reality may be very painful. We do not want to face the pain and we want to protect ourselves against pain. So we develop defenses to avoid pain and we start building soothing stories around our Reality. This mechanism has some benefits in the short term but in the long term the painful Reality will catch on. For example, a poor worker resorts to drinking to avoid the pain of his lot. He may feel the temporary relief but the Reality of his miserable life will not go away. In the long term, to remain normal and healthy, he will have to face reality and find a realistic solution to his problems. 

By the same token, a super healthy has to not only face the Reality but go beyond existing Reality to imagine new possibilities and better Realities and build his new Realities on realistic grounds. 

The secret of facing painful Reality is not to face all the painful things at one time. Divide and rule. Focus on one painful aspect of life at a time to work on it but make sure that you are also focusing on something that is making you happy at the same time. Nobody can win over the weakness without strength. Weakness cannot be overcome by weakness as poverty cannot be removed by poverty. It requires wealth to remove poverty so it requires health to remove sickness and it requires strength to remove sickness and strength to overcome weakness. 

Imagine something which is working in your life and feel grateful to God/ existence/ parents/ friends and then with that grateful heart pick up one area of a painful part of your life. Once you work through it then you will be able to face the painful Reality effectively and go beyond it. Please keep in mind that nobody has a perfect life. Even super healthy people have many issues in their lives but the difference is that in the case of super healthy people, they focus much more on working in their lives and much less on what is not working. They are aware of what is not working but they are not feeding this area to increase it further. The law of life is what we feed, increases. If you want to increase your health, focus on your health but be aware of your weak spots also. This will liberate you to have a robust relationship with Reality and empower you to build new Realities.

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